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Propaganda aside, school choice still seems pretty unpopular

Light turnout for a school choice event in Little Rock Saturday, even as proponents for school vouchers push their agenda here and across the country.
IT Arkansas job board

NPR spotlights LEARNS and legacy of segregation in Arkansas

NPR was in Little Rock to highlight the past, present and future of education in Arkansas, including LEARNS and the state's legacy of school segregation.

What school voucher proponents say about you behind your backs: A real-life example

The insulting suggestion that public school students have little chance of academic success and should probably throw their hopes and dreams into the trash is most definitely not the feel-good story we were looking for this holiday season.

Sorting out the bluebirds: How school vouchers will hurt the kids in greatest need

The Arkansas LEARNS Act will soon usher in a new era of segregation, sorting students into the haves and the have-nots and leaving those have-nots further behind. There is too much of this already, and LEARNS will only make it worse.

We crashed a LEARNS town hall, and it was exactly what we expected

Unsurprisingly, the RSVP-only event was a pep rally for Sanders, Oliva and their LEARNS legislation. 

Here's your first episode of 'Fair Assessment,' a podcast about public education in Arkansas

In this first episode of Fair Assessment, co-hosts Ali Noland, an attorney and school-board member in Little Rock, and Gwen Faulkenberry, a veteran classroom teacher in rural Arkansas, introduce themselves to listeners, explain their motivation for creating an Arkansas education podcast, and start a discussion about some of the big themes that have emerged in public-education policy and politics recently.

South Arkansas school resegregation likely as AG taps courts to erase integration measures

Time might be nearly up for South Arkansas school districts that have successfully fought state efforts to force them to allow white-flight transfers under the state school choice law of 2013.

Walton-funded charter and voucher lobbyist group hosts Education Secretary Oliva for virtual town hall

The Reform Alliance, a group that's been pushing school segregation in the form of charters and vouchers for years now, is putting on a victory lap of a town hall tonight, with special guest Jacob Oliva.

'Parental choice,' aka segregation, is the only proven result of school vouchers

Decades of data bears it out: School vouchers fail to boost academic performance. So what's the point?

Applications accepted through March 31 for Arkansans hoping to help shape LEARNS rules

Apply now for your chance to weigh in on how the school privatization bill will be inflicted upon us.

Arkansas's education system: You broke it, you bought it

Ignoring all advice to slow down, have an informed debate, engage some experts, gather data, listen to concerns and build consensus, they have plowed ahead. Proponents of privatization passed sweeping changes to our public education system in record time. Now, they must own it.

Arkansans cram in to have their say in second (and final) public hearing on Arkansas LEARNS privatization bill

The 90-some people who signed up to share their thoughts on Gov. Sarah Sanders' Arkansas LEARNS universal voucher bill got five minutes each, and testimony was still rolling at 6:30 p.m. Members of the House Education Committee planned to hear them out, then vote on Senate Bill 294 tomorrow in a special afternoon meeting.