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Florida judge blocks in-school reopening order. Arkansas in similar circumstances.

A similar suit in Arkansas might have been successful. But ...
IT Arkansas job board

State and KIPP charter school at odds on virtual opening. Now a change of plans.

Did the state allow KIPP to open virtually for three weeks? KIPP said so. The state says not. No the issue is up in the air. Others are not happ[y about it.

Charter school given state exemption from in-person school requirement

A good question from the leader of the Little Rock Education Association.

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families calls for delay in school reopening

Suggests a mid-September start, with adequate safety measures.

Baker Kurrus: Let local districts, not the governor, decide the best way to reopen schools

Let the people who know their school districts best operate them, including all-virtual if necessary. So says a former Little Rock school board member and superintendent

Demonstration at Capitol tonight against school reopening

Demonstration planned tonight over school reopening. Groups say governor endangering lives so he can say Arkansas is "open for business."

Preach it, Ms. McAdoo. Not that the governor will pay much mind.

They call it shucking the corn. Four righteous paragraphs from a teacher of the year to Governor Hutchinson.

School opening a good idea? Maybe not.

The school closures last spring seem to be associated with a decrease in coronavirus-relatred infection and death.

Update: Little Rock teachers call for phased-in school start, beginning online only

The Little Rock Education Association says it isn't safe to resume in-classroom school and proposes to begin online in the Little Rock School District.

Why won't Johnny Key practice what he preaches?

The public can't enter the building of the state agency forcing 450,000 chldren to go back to school next month. Make sense?