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For one Bentonville family, trauma from a school shooter drill lingers for years

A father in Bentonville opens up about the school shooting drill that spawned debilitating anxiety: "My son is now 19 years old. He rarely leaves the house. This stems not from laziness, but fear. He still deals with the lasting trauma caused by believing he was going to die in 2018."
IT Arkansas job board

Arkansas School Safety Commission places burden of student safety on the backs of underpaid school employees

Arkansas school districts now have the option of arming employees — principals, teachers, janitors, just about anyone — as long as the employees have undergone state-required civilian training.

School safety commission wants guns at every school, despite lack of evidence this would help anything

That armed presence could range from on-duty police to pistol-packing lunch ladies. Arkansas law allows for non-law enforcement officers, including teachers, principals and other school staff, to carry guns if they undergo 60 hours of training.

School safety commission leader details perks of new federal gun-safety law

“In this new federal legislation, there’s going to be a big boost in school safety funding, and there’s also going to be an impact on school mental health, which are both really good things,” Arkansas School Safety Commission Chair Cheryl May said.

Moms for Liberty leader banned from school grounds over shooting comment files lawsuit

Missy Bosch mused about gunning down a school librarian, but says her punishment of not being allowed on school property is too harsh. Now she's suing the school district, the superintendent and the city of Cabot.

Lots of acronyms, little action at Arkansas School Safety Commission meeting, IMHO

Commissioners focused on identifying bullies and their victims, securing school buildings and defining some of the lingo at Tuesday's meeting.

NRA School Shield program once headed by Asa Hutchinson called a 'fundraising front,' also misguided

Hinky numbers are far from the worst problem with the School Shield program. Putting adults with guns in schools is not only ineffective; it imposes a punishing, prison-like atmosphere on our children for a problem they did not create.

Arkansas governor parks the burden of gun violence with teachers and schoolchildren

The governor said he wants to harden Arkansas schools with armed security and stronger doors, but said a better background check system, safe storage laws and most other gun-focused legislative fixes are off the table.

Arkansas governor not headed to Texas for NRA meeting

Governor Hutchinson never had plans to go, his spokeswoman confirms.

Release the autopsy photographs from school shootings

Let America see the reality of our collective obsession with guns. Let us see whether our broad interpretation of the Second Amendment and typical reflex to invoke some concept of “freedom” in the face of every such atrocity survives such an assault of images. 

The toll of school lockdowns

School shootings are rare, but precautionary lockdowns of schools are not, the Washington Post reports in an article that notes the trauma that can be caused by fear of, if not the reality of, violence in school.