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How the consultant hand-picked by private option foes might help save the private option

In many ways, the Stephen Group is describing the same lay of the land on the private option that lots of other folks have been describing for years. But this time, the aginners might actually listen.
IT Arkansas job board

Reminder: the Arkansas legislature has no interest in helping mothers

The scandalous disrespect that the nation — and Arkansas — shows working mothers.

Strange bedfellows join to select consultant for health reform task force

A look at the curious vote splits in yesterday's Health Reform Task Force vote on a consultant. Why did Democrats join with Tea Partiers?

HB 1228 "fix" approved by full Senate

The Senate advanced two identical bills that were amended today to reflect the federal "Religious Freedom Restoration Act," as requested by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in the wake of controversy over HB 1228. Not everyone in the GOP is happy with the compromise, which has proceeded in an unusual way.

Craighead County legislators file bill against female genital mutilation

Sen. John Cooper and Rep. Brandt Smith of Jonesboro last week co-sponsored a bill to make female genital mutilation a felony.

Senator pushes telemedicine after opposing it for women

Bill filings today include teabagging Sen. John Cooper's bill to encourage the use of telemedicine in Arkansas. Earlier, he voted AGAINST a certain form of telemedicine. But only women's rights were at issue there.

Many flaws in experimental drug bill

A Senate committee yesterday approved Sen. John Cooper's bill to allow terminally ill patients to seek out experimental drugs for last-ditch treatment. It's flavor-of-the-day conservative legislation with lots of flaws.