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What to watch for in Arkansas's 2024 fiscal session

What we fund is what we value. Here's what to watch for as Arkansas legislators prepare to hash out the state budget.
IT Arkansas job board

Sanders proclaims budget proposal that includes state employee raises as fiscal session approaches

Remember the George Carlin bit about "my stuff" and "your shit"? That's what's at stake.

Tax cuts vs. toddlers: State lawmakers need to prioritize Arkansas families in special session

Since the pandemic began, the state has been accumulating massive budget surpluses each year began because it is severely underestimating tax collections. That's a problem.

What has Arkansas done for you lately?

The bad optics around Helena-West Helena’s water crisis and our state’s $1.16 billion surplus has Arkansans talking about just what our government is supposed to be doing. The state may not be able to divert surplus funds directly to Helena-West Helena, but Arkansas’s hoarding of funds demonstrates leaders’ desire to use the current surplus to justify future bad policy. 

UPDATE: Hutchinson makes his last budget presentation, it includes huge reserves and still more budget surpluses

He pronounces his work over eight years as successful.

Talk is cheap: Asa and his miserly school spending

School districts can't afford the teacher pay increase the govenror mandated. We knew this was coming.

Asa's budget: Efficient? Miserly is more like it.

The governor's proud of preparing a flat state budget. He should not be proud of impoverishing state services,

Hutchinson outlines budget for coming year; tax cuts the big ticket item

Gov. Asa Hutchinson talked budget today, including teacher pay and tax cuts.

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families assess governor's budget, find it wanting

A new analysis of Gov. Asa Hutchinson's budget by Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families finds it weighted toward more tax cuts and away from adequately funding education and services for children.

State money: Something is about to hit the fan and it doesn't smell good

Important story appeared inside the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today. A budget shortfall appears likely to hit the state government fan.

Governor's proposed budget includes major increase in foster care spending

Gov. Asa Hutchinson presented the legislature with his proposed budget for the state of Arkansas this morning, outlining a plan that would include a $50 million tax cut, a significant increase in child welfare spending and no money added to the General Improvement Fund.

Gov. Hutchinson reveals budget proposal

Among other things we missed this morning was Gov. Asa Hutchinson's release today of a proposed budget for the next fiscal year, beginning July 1. Not much growth in spending, mostly for human services, but what growth there is comes thanks to Obamacare. State employees get no COLA.