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Animals, buildings, ladies: How artist Sulac found his way to a friendly surrealism

Sulac describes his work as a clash of opposing forces. “If it looks too cute, it needs something dark about it,” he said. If it’s too dark, though, “I want to cute it up. There needs to be a good balance of cuteness and darkness.”
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Seventh Street Mural Arts Festival this Sunday afternoon

Arts festival and community gathering at the Seventh Street Murals this Sunday, Sept. 25 as part of Arkansas Peace Week.

Check out this free food pantry painted by Sulac at CALS Fletcher Library

CALS Fletcher Library is accepting non-perishable donations in its Little Free Pantry, which doubles as a new work by local visual artist, Sulac.

Punk rock (plus) show at the Old State House museum Friday night

Widowpaw, Emily Fenton, Sam Williamson and Alex Cash this Friday night at the Old State House Museum.

Picassos art auction at Museum of Discovery benefits Pulaski Heights Elementary

Baxter Knowlton, John Kushmaul, Tonya McNair, Jennifer Perren, Sulac and Emily Wood show work for the benefit of Pulaski Heights Elementary.

New artwork from Sulac up at Library Square in the River Market

Sulac’s smiling suns and heavy-lidded flowers often seem one click away from mischief, macabre deeds or flat-out existential crisis. Or maybe they’re just suns and flowers to be taken at face value?

Pizza, beer and punk: An oral history of Vino's

Punk and pie will never die.

In Memory of Amy Edgington: 'Collage Art by Arkansas Artists'

Poet Sandy Longhorn will read from her project "Self-Ekphrasis 20 x 20" at a reception tonight at Wildwood Park for the Arts's exhibition "In Memory of Amy Edgington: Collage Artists of Arkansas," honoring the late Little Rock collage artist. The event is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and includes music by Christopher Stewart and Jeff Laux from the Rolling Blackouts.

At Ketz Gallery: "Out of the Box"

A show "with a cutting edge."

Ketz tonight: Sulac

Twenty new works by the whimsical painter.

Tonight in Argenta: Sherrie Shepherd

Planes and boats and trains.

Kendall Stallings, Benini, Matthew Castellano and more

Pop, impressionist, surrealist, children's work, all tonight in North Little Rock.