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Tax turnaround: Ark. marijuana revenue is paying for some school meals.

A change to medical marijuana tax uses has brought relief at school cafeterias.
IT Arkansas job board

Report: Arkansas's tax system squeezes the poor, goes easy on the rich

Among the interesting nuggets in the report: Arkansas is among only five states that do not offer any sort of property tax breaks designed to help lower-income homeowners.

State uses medical marijuana taxes to pay for school lunches

The state now collects around $31 million a year in tax revenue from medical marijuana sale, some of which is being used to further subsidize the meals of students receiving reduced-price school lunches.

State medical marijuana tax collections surpass $100 million

The state collected $2.85 million last month, bringing the total tax haul to more than $100 million since 2019.

More tax cuts for the rich and wealthy corporations

Arkansas has an upside-down tax system, where Arkansans who earn less pay a larger share of their income in state and local taxes than the wealthy.

A point of no return: An end to income tax in Arkansas would be permanent

The state constitution's Amendment 19 requires that three-fourths of the legislature approve tax on income. A minority of lawmakers voting no would mean an end to such revenue.

The news roundup: Tax disinformation from, who else, Republicans

A slower day today, but it's never too slow for some Republican misinformation.

Calling the roll in the U.S. Senate on birth control, climate, taxes, veterans and lower drug costs

Arkansas Republicans, with a single exception on a roster of issues, failed Arkansas voters again on drug prices, birth control, climate change and veterans.

Evangelicals depart from other faiths on social issues

Associated Press polling reveals stark differences between evangelical Christians and other faiths on hot-button issues.

Little Rock's budget woes require new ideas

Some ideas on addressing the city of Little Rock's budget problem. Start butchering some sacred cows.

State revenue collections for August narrowly miss forecast

The state's year-to-date net available general revenue is still ahead of forecast by 1.1 percent, due to the stronger than expected revenue intake for July,

State tax collections beat forecast in first revenue report of new fiscal year

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration's July revenue report released this morning shows July net available general revenue at $454.5 million — 2.4 percent above forecast