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Tea Party: Victims?

Let the teabaggers roar on the Capitol mall today. Nice day for a rally.
IT Arkansas job board

Burn a Confederate Flag Day

Talking Points Memo calls attention to a blog put-on that, if I know my unreconstructed Southerners and other angry old white men, could go terribly awry.

GOP expects Tea Party 'hootenanny' at convention

Yes, let us hope. From a Republican blogger: THE TEA PARTY CONVENTION: On a conference call with the Republican National Committee's temporary delegate selection committee today, RNC chairman Michael Steele predicted that the "Tea Party hootenanny" would be omnipresent at the 2012 convention.

Who is the Tea Party?

Good column in Newsweek on the media's failure to ask Tea Party followers some more probing questions beyond the rote mad-at-government stuff.

The Tea Party giveth ...

Funny story developing in Florida where Republicans don'tlike the looks of a bunch of Tea Party legislative candidates.

Tea Party time in LR

Something called the Defend the American Dream Summit (a project of the Dick Armey/billionaire lobby to starve government) is underway at Robinson Auditorium today.

Tea Party turmoil

Anger is one thing. Noisy town hall meetings will spook craven politicians.