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Penzo mailer tries to trick teachers

Clint Penzo’s campaign mailer says he supported teacher pay increases. The boast is really a bluff.
IT Arkansas job board
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Arkansas teachers share their optimism and concerns for the upcoming school year

Seven educators shared with us their optimism for the 2022-2023 school, but said they can’t shake worries about school security and low teacher pay.

Democrats go down fighting for teacher pay, but Republicans freeze them out

Having passed tax cuts mainly for the top 10% and set aside $50 million in mad money for war toys in schools, Arkansas Republicans voted to adjourn without raising teacher salaries. They aren't scheduled to meet again until next year.

Call your legislator

A dying gasp for teacher pay and other issues more important than tax cuts for the rich.

Tax cut for the rich zips out of House and Senate

The House and Senate speedily approved the tax cut for the rich this morning.

Education advocates pack Capitol steps to rally for teacher raises

About 2,000 educators, parents, students and other advocates thronged the Capitol Sunday to lobby for using some of the state's record-high surplus to move starting teacher salaries in Arkansas up from their current ranking of 48th in the country.

Amid a teacher crisis, the Arkansas legislature will focus on tax breaks for the rich

It appears that the governor is too gutless to put teacher pay on the legislative agenda for next week's special session because the bullies say ALL they want to do is cut income taxes on the rich.

Democrats propose teacher pay raise plan

The minority wages a battle for teacher pay that only makes sense. A long shot, in other words.

Governor Hutchinson nonplussed by lawmakers' dodge on teacher raises, but won't force the issue

Hutchinson finds little support for teacher raises among Republican state legislators, who remain laser-focused on dedicating that $1.6 billion state surplus to tax cuts that will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy instead.

School superintendent isn't buying the legislature's bait-and-switch on teacher pay

A school superintendent does the math, explains how the legislature can easily raise teacher pay.

More evidence of the problems with the Republican legislature's hollow bait-and-switch teacher bonus plan

A superintendent explains the problem with the legislature's fig leaf teacher bonus plan to cover for the income tax cut for the rich.

Lawyer calls out outlaw legislating again, this time on teacher pay

Tom Mars has again gone to reading the fine print.