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A hard lesson for Arkansas to LEARN

Gov. Sarah Sanders banks her political future on a massive school privatization bill. Arkansas students will pay the price.
IT Arkansas job board

Blue Hog breaks down the tricky Arkansas LEARNS math that leaves school districts holding the bag

The Blue Hog blog posted a deep dive exploring all the cases in which Arkansas LEARNS does not fully fund the raises it requires. Local school districts will have to make up the difference.

Democrats file bill to give Arkansas teachers a raise

Arkansas House and Senate Democrats have filed a bill that would raise Arkansas's pitiful starting salary for public school teachers and give all teachers a $10,000 raise.

Here's a good recap of the frenetic week at the AR Capitol

Drag shows, traditional public schools, woke investors and reproductive rights all took some lumps at the Arkansas Capitol this week.

Citizen journalist Jim Ross on LRSD board meeting: real data and a path forward, but still some dead weight

Raises for support staff and plans to evaluate our programs to see what's working (and what's not). A look at the questionable Ford NGL model and the problematic presence of police on school campuses. Three cheers for Dr. Wright.

Second wave of teacher raises a go for LRSD, stickier news on renewable energy and security

A play-by-play of this week's meeting of the Little Rock School Board.

Governor Hutchinson nonplussed by lawmakers' dodge on teacher raises, but won't force the issue

Hutchinson finds little support for teacher raises among Republican state legislators, who remain laser-focused on dedicating that $1.6 billion state surplus to tax cuts that will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy instead.