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Ten Commandments lawsuit returns to federal court Friday

Motions for summary judgment have been filed by the plaintiffs, the state and the Satanic Temple, who are intervenors in the lawsuit.
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Satanic Temple's leader on Jason Rapert's day in court. Not a pretty sight.

Jason Rapert: Loser. So says the founder of the Satanic Temple.

Ten Commandments 2.0 dedication ceremony to be held Thursday at Capitol

The press release says the Foundation "invites all interested Arkansas citizens to join them for a brief dedication" tomorrow. It does not say when the monument itself will be installed.

The Thou Shalt Not open line

The Saturday open line comes with a progress report on the Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol. Resurrection is coming.

Ten Commandments destroyer found unfit to stand trial, hospitalized

Circuit Judge Chris Piazza decided this morning that Michael Tate Reed, charged with demolishing the Ten Commandments Monument on the Capitol grounds shortly after it was installed, was unfit to stand trial and ordered him committed to the State Hospital to see if he could ever be fit for trial. J

Family pleads for mental treatment for defendant in 10 Commandments destruction

The family of Michael Reed, jailed pending an Aug. 29 arraignment on a felony first-degree criminal mischief charge for destroying the new Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds June 28, has written a judge urging mental treatment for Reed.

Another Jesus

If you follow the logic of Jason Rapert and his supporters, God is very pleased so many have donated money to rebuild a giant stone slab with some rules on it. A few minutes on Rapert's Facebook page (if he hasn't blocked you yet) also shows his supporters believe that Jesus wants us to lock up more people in prison, close our borders to those in need and let poor Americans fend for themselves for food and health care.

Ten Commandments monument installed, Sen. Rapert presides. Lawsuit to come

The 10 Commandments monument was put in place on the Capitol grounds this morning and Sen. Jason Rapert, the evangelist who sponsored legislation to enable it, was on hand to preen before the cameras.

Ten Commandments monument under construction at Arkansas Capitol

Construction has begun on the Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds. That means a lawsuit approaches, too.

Ten Commandments monument moves closer to lawsuit

The AP reports that the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission has, as expected approved, the location of a legislatively approved Ten Commandments monument on state Capitol grounds.

'Do you want a Baphomet statue?'

Members of the public made the case against the proposed Ten Commandments monument on state Capitol Grounds.

Ten Commandments monument public comment meeting contentious as committee member tells speakers their comments will neither help or hinder the process.

Several dozen speakers signed up to speak for and against the Ten Commandments monument at a public hearing today at the Capitol.