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Legislative committee passes resolution against EPA carbon rule

Arkansas lawmakers want state agency heads reject the nation's best shot at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
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Arkansas begins to grapple with climate change

New proposed EPA rule could dramatically impact state.

Arkansas starts talking about how to address climate change

Earlier this month, the EPA announced a proposed rule that will require a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions produced by power plants, phased in over the coming decades. The feds are setting goals (which will be tailored to individual states), but it’s up to the states themselves to come up with plans that address those targets. On Wednesday morning, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) held a public meeting to solicit preliminary input from stakeholders including utility companies, environmental groups and consumer advocates. Finally, Arkansas is starting to talk about thinking about how to address climate change.

Ozark Society and Arkansas Public Policy Panel pushing rule to ban new large swine farms in Buffalo River watershed

The Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission today granted petitions to begin the rulemaking process to prohibit new controlled animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in the Buffalo National River Watershed. The petitions were brought by the Arkansas Public Policy Panel and the Ozark Society, and would prohibit the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality from issuing new permits to swine operations in the watershed with 750 or more swing weighing 55 pounds or more, or 3,000 or more swine weighing less than 55 pounds.

Department of Environmental Quality fires inspector who set up hunting trailer on landfill acreage

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality today fired Gary Meador, a 34-year-veteran landfill inspector in Baxter County, because he'd placed an RV for hunting on a landfill he inspected

ADEQ: EPA's revocation of waiver could lead to slowed process, stiffer penalties

As we reported earlier today, in response to Act 954 — legislation altering permit requirements for discharging minerals into streams — the federal Environmental Protection Agency is terminating the waiver of its right to review certain water discharge permits.

Hog farm by the Buffalo raises questions about CAFO permit

Gov. Mike Beebe’s decision to pursue the use of rainy day funds to establish additional testing and monitoring at C&H hog farm raises an obvious question.

Beebe: state-funded independent monitoring of hog farm doesn't need landowner permission

As noted on John Brummett's blog yesterday, Gov. Mike Beebe plans to proceed with a request for legislative approval to spend $250,000 in rainy day funds on testing and monitoring at the C&H hog farm in Mt. Judea.

Hog farm near the Buffalo River stirs controversy

Critics say farm was carelessly approved and threatens watershed and community. Farmers say they followed law and permit protects environment.

Buffalo River Watershed Alliance asks revocation of hog farm permit

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance has written to Teresa Marks, director of the state Department of Environmental Quality, asking her to revoke the permit issued for the C&H factory hog farm at Mount Judea, near a major tributary to the Buffalo River.

Light bulb moment — and a Beebe party

No wonder it's so slow. Somebody just reminded me it's Labor Day weekend.