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Best and Worst 2023

Here's the thing about 2023: You have to grade it on a curve. Things weren’t great; they could have been a whole lot worse.
IT Arkansas job board

Central Arkansas school district will reinstate access to library’s digital learning tools

Public school students in much of Pulaski County will regain the ability to access online educational materials through their local public library at the start of the spring semester with parental approval in light of the district’s concerns about a new state law governing library content.

Internet companies ask judge to rule against age-verification law

Judge Timothy Brooks granted a preliminary injunction in the case over the "Social Media Safety Act" in August.

American Library Association monitors uptick in book censorship efforts

The American Library Association says book challenges are on the rise nationwide, and Arkansas isn't doing well either.

Saline County Quorum Court aims to take power from library board with vote on Monday

Two federal lawsuits alleging library censorship trudge along while the Saline County Quorum Court moves to weaken its library board's power.

UPDATE: Federal judge blocks Arkansas’s library censorship law from taking effect

A federal judge in Fayetteville stopped Arkansas’s new book censorship law in its tracks Saturday. Dan Sullivan, sponsor of the legislation, vowed the state would appeal.

Judge dismisses Duggar sisters' lawsuit over release of police records about brother's molestation

Officers who released report enjoyed immunity for official actions, judge rules.

The Josh Duggar trial begins and People magazine is all over it

Pre-trial hearing in Josh Duggar's child sex abuse case included damaging accounts from a family friend, should the judge allow them into evidence.

Court takes under advisement last-ditch plea on constitutional amendments

One last try to qualify amendments on redistricting and primary voting are in the hands of a federal judge.

UPDATE: Jim Hendren company, drug rehab agency ordered to pay $1.1 million in lawsuit over free labor from drug rehab workers

Judge assesses more than $1 million in damages against senator and drug rehab agency in suit over people working without pay.

Judge denies forfeiture order reduction for Randell Shelton in Ecclesia case

Judge Timothy Brooks has denied a reduction in a forfeiture order against Randell Shelton, part of the scheme to pay kickbacks from state money sent to Ecclesia College.

Judge denies Jon Woods' request to be free pending appeal UPDATE

Judge Timothy Brooks has rejected former state Sen. Jon Woods' request that he be allowed to remain free pending appeal of his public corruption conviction to the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. UPDATED with news on co-defendant Randell Shelton and a request for a trial delay by Jeremy Hutchinson in another public corruption case.