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'Unprecedented' cooperation results in home confinement for Micah Neal

UPDATE: Former state Rep. Micah Neal has received a probationary sentence, including one year of home confinement, for what Judge Timothy Brooks called an "unprecedented" reduction in sentencing guidelines for his cooperation in the case in which he's pleaded guilty to taking kickbacks from more than $600,000 in state money he helped direct to Ecclesia College.
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UPDATE: Judge hammers Jon Woods with more than 18 years in prison

Federal Judge Timothy Brooks has sentenced former Sen. Jon Woods to 220 months, or more than 18 years in prison and ordered him to make restitution of $1.6 million for masterminding kickback schemes from state money.

Judge denies motions to set aside verdicts in Jon Woods' kickback case

Federal Judge Timothy Brooks last week denied motions by former Republican Sen. Jon Woods and his friend Randell Shelton to set aside guilty verdicts in their jury trial for kickback schemes involving state money and Ecclesia College and Ameriworks.

Judge refuses to dismiss corruption case against former Sen. Jon Woods; says FBI agent could face charges for mishandling potential evidence

Federal Judge Timothy Brooks today refused to dismiss charges against former Republican Sen. Jon Woods and other defendants in a case alleging a kickback scheme using public money.

Jon Woods kickback trial delayed

Federal Judge Timothy Brooks today canceled the trial scheduled to begin Monday in the case alleging former Sen. Jon Woods took kickbacks from state money he guided to Ecclesia College and a mental health agency. It was delayed for a hearing on new evidence.

Federal judge rules against Baxter County on Nativity scene lawsuit

The Baxter Bulletin reports that federal Judge Timothy Brooks has ruled in favor of plaintiffs in lawsuit challenging Baxter County Judge Mickey Pendergrass' decision to allow only a Christian Nativity scene to be displayed during the holiday on the Baxter County Courthouse lawn.

Arkansas judicial nomination creeps to completion over Republican obstructionism

The U.S. Senate broke filibuster and today confirmed the presidential appointment of Timothy Brooks, a Fayetteville lawyer, to a federal district judgeship. The nomination had been pending for months, delayed by a general Republican roadblock to judicial confirmation.

The open line: Good judge, bad judge

The line is open. The evening roundup includes progress on a judicial nomination from Arkansas and the identification of the syndrome that got Judge Mike Maggio in so much trouble.

Votes set to move judicial nomination of Timothy Brooks of Fayetteville

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid moved last night to overcome Republican obstruction of more presidential nominations, including that of Timothy Brooks of Fayetteville to a federal district court judgeship in the western district of Arkansas.

UPDATE: Arkansas federal judgeships before Senate today

The theoretically non-controversial nominations of Judge Jay Moody of Little Rock and Timothy Brooks of Fayetteville to judicial vacancies are the U.S. Senate agenda today. They've been delayed for months by Republican obstructionism and even the final votes could take two days because of cloture vote and time-consuming "debate," all part of the GOP plan to squelch as many Obaman appointees as possible.

Pryor's reward for helping Republicans: obstructionism

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor was one of a handful of Democrats who declined to support the so-called nuclear option, a rule change to avoid filibuster

Pryor: Urgency on vote on judicial nominations

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor is pressing for a Senate vote this week to confirm two non-controversial judicial appointees in Arkansas — Circuit Judge Jay Moody for a district judgeship in Little Rock and Timothy Brooks of Fayetteville for a seat in the western district of Arkansas.