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Is Central Arkansas ready for a dangerously cold forecast?

A crew in Little Rock is prepped and ready to clear the roads if snow falls this weekend. A number of cities have already announced warming shelters will open.
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Get ready for the Arctic hammer

Three storm systems are moving into the state over the next week, and forecasts show potential for high winds, rain, dangerously low wind chills and snow. Meteorologists are calling it the Arctic hammer.

Best and Worst 2023

Here's the thing about 2023: You have to grade it on a curve. Things weren’t great; they could have been a whole lot worse.

Weather forecast: Has Todd Yakoubian joined KARK, Channel 4?

Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian was almost certainly the subject of an amusing teaser commercial that aired on KARK Sunday night just before the kickoff of the Dallas Cowboys v. San Francisco 49ers game.

Fan favorite meteorologist Todd Yakoubian announces departure from KATV

Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian announced on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he is leaving KATV, Channel 7 News after 18 years at the station.

Oh hail no! Icy precipitation pummels parts of Arkansas

Arkansas is atwitter with news of spiky ice balls falling from the sky.

KATV, Channel 7 meteorologist Todd Yakoubian draws huge laugh on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' segment

Jimmy Kimmel ran a segment montage last night that featured local news anchors all over the country coming to grips with the fact that it's already May and none drew a bigger laugh with Kimmel's audience than KATV, Channel 7's Cassandra Webb and Todd Yakoubian.

Get ready: More bad weather heads our way tonight

Just a few days after a Friday tornado tore through Little Rock and Pulaski County, residents are preparing for another round of severe weather Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Meteorologists warn that the storms could come in two spurs and urge early preparedness. Get those weather radios and extra batteries ready.

Stay warm at the Dunbar Community Center warming shelter

Little Rock is prepping for that "true Arkansas slushy" KATV-7 Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian talked about. Those in need of transportation to the Dunbar Community Center warming shelter can call 501-955-3444 for a free ride Monday.

Ice storm warning: Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian warns us to brace for a 'True Arkansas Slushy'

An ice storm warning is in effect for Central Arkansas, and KATV-7 Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian warns of a combination of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow for much of the state. Expect power outages and slick roads. The Little Rock School District has already canceled in-person classes for Tuesday.

Winter storm looming for Northwest Arkansas, maybe a dusting for Pulaski County, so make some mulled wine

Looks like Central Arkansas will be shut out on the sledding and such, but you can still make some hot drinks and pretend.

Rare arctic plunge: A Christmas week weather report with help from KATV-Channel 7 meteorologist Todd Yakoubian

Yakoubian expects the temperature in Little Rock on Thursday to drop from the 40s to the teens within three hours. "It's very rare that you will see a drastic temperature drop in such a short period of time," Yakoubian said.