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Let's relive the greatest hits of Trump-loving Arkansas Republicans

Former President Donald Trump was indicted Thursday. Do you remember the first Arkansas legislator to endorse him?
IT Arkansas job board

Senate affirms ethics violation by Sen. Alan Clark and suspends him from Senate for remainder of the year


Tom Mars urges prosecutor to review Senate ethics issues

Tom Mars urges the prosecutor to review Senate ethics matters and makes a good point: A broad review is in order of legislative expense practices.

Senator calls for prosecutor to review Senate ethics violators

Senator joins others urging criminal review of senators in expense account scam.

Tom Mars making noise again, this time about legislative ethics

Lawyer Tom Mars targets another government issue -- ethics, or lack of, in the Arkansas Senate.

More Blue Hog sleuthing on Trent Garner delves into new questions on pay issues. Again asking Attorney General Rutledge to investigate

New questions raised about payments made to Sen. Trent Garner while he was improperly on the state public defender payroll.

In pursuit of the law-breaking Sen. Trent Garner. Blue Hog remains on the case.

The muck gets deeper in the saga of Sen. Trent Garner's apparenlty illegal double-dip state job.

Blue Hog Report nails law-breaking Sen. Trent Garner on double-dip; more fallout to come

Senator Trent Garner breaks law, loses double-dip job. But that shouldn't be the end of it.

Trent Garner, the surly state senator turned public defender, might be in trouble, Blue Hog reports

Is it even legal for a state senator to be a public defender at the same time? No, Blue Hog Report says.

Tough-on-crime state Sen. Trent Garner taps his softer side as a public defender

It's a surprising development for a guy who's usually on the offense.

Good riddance to these losers

Your favorite candidates might not win today, but your least-favorite candidates will almost certainly lose. And that's something.

Who's mocking who? Trent Garner edition.

Trent Garner mistakes a mock of himself as a mock of Jesus. If the shoe fits, Sen. Garner.