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Puns, poems & politics: Our favorite 2024 #ARLegValentines

Arkansas's favorite Valentine's Day tradition returns for another year of poor poetry and political puns.
IT Arkansas job board

Buying the pharm

The Observer on modern medicine, health insurance and finding a loophole.

Follow along with the Faulkner County Magie vs. Minner recount

Live action from the Faulkner County Election Commission on Twitter today.

Razorback men's basketball team unable to change Twitter name to reflect ranking, tweets to Elon Musk for the assist

The No. 9 Razorbacks are still No. 10 on Twitter for now.

Pro tips for living digital in The Plague Era

Winter-pale and world-weary from clawing our way through a Greek alphabet of virus variants, The Observer has learned a thing or two about thriving online during The End Times, and we’re happy to share the wealth. 

Today's There's-always-a-Tweet: Ted Cruz edition

California to Cruz: Do what?

Judge refuses to dismiss Rapert from suit over blocking commenters on Facebook and Twitter UPDATE

The American Atheists are celebrating.

The police chief in Marshall seems unlikely to be happy about the Biden victory

A person who goes on social media by the name of the police chief of Marshall has been saying some terrible things about 'Marxist Democrat bastards.'

Donald Trump loses even Chamber of Commerce in bid to punish social media

Donald Trump wants to punish social media for fact-checking him. Irony, hypocrisy and criticism even from the fattest of cats.

Fitz Hill caught tweeting during state Board meeting

KATV reports that state Board of Education member Fitz Hill was called out for tweeting about sports events during meetings of the board on the Little Rock School District.

Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Rapert for blocking people on social media

Federal Judge Kristine Baker has refused Republican Sen. Jason Rapert's request to dismiss a lawsuit challenging his blocking of people on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Can Donald Trump block critics on Twitter? (And if he can't .....)

An appeals court heard arguments today on whether Donald Trump can block critics on Twitter. He argues it's his personal account (as, for example, Sen. Jason Rapert does in blocking people from his social media.) The judges seem to have doubts about Trump's argument.