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ACLU asks U.S. Supreme Court to review decision against Arkansas Times in challenge of state's Israeli boycott law

On to the highest court for challenge of the Arkansas law that punishes speech of which the legislature disapproves.
IT Arkansas job board

No, Leslie Rutledge did not argue case before the U.S. Supreme Court

But the idea is amusing to contemplate.

Rutledge crowing about reversal of case blocking Arkansas abortion restriction and other harm to women's medical care

Leslie Rutledge is thrilled at the obstacles she's presented to women's medical treatment in Arkansas.

And speaking of the egregious U.S. Supreme Court, they have only begun the wreckage

Wait til next year says the out-of-control Supreme Court majority.

UPDATE: Add government environmental regulation to the wreckage of the Trump-packed U.S. Supreme Court

The wrecking crew today sets up an end to government regulation (unless authorized by a dysfunctional Congress.)

The rogue Supreme Court marches on, delivering another shadowy blow to voting rights of minorities

The egregious activists strike again in another 6-3 order damaging individual rights.

Today's news: Corrupt senators and a corrupt court

A slap on the wrist for cheating senators and more outrage from the egregious U.S. Supreme Court.

U.S. Supreme Court continues to destroy the church-state separation

A public prayer spectacle on a public school field gets the OK from the Supreme Court's usual conservative majority.

The activist Supreme Court delivers another victory for bad policing

Court strips meaningful remedy for criminal suspects who haven't been informed of their rights.

Conservative Supreme Court continues its wreckage of precedent, here in killing a New York gun law

The New York ruling likely means little in Arkansas, already effectively open to guns in almost all settings.

Rutledge cheers Supreme Court ruling sending public dollars to discriminatory religious schools

Supreme Court puts another hole in the wall separating church and state.

A morning-after pill on the abortion news. It won't make you feel better

With the end of abortion near, some points on fact and fiction in the debate and the bleak future for individual rights of all sorts.