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Sanders rejects 12-month Medicaid extension for moms, says Arkansas already has enough coverage

Arkansas's shamefully high maternal mortality rate is not enough to convince Arkansas officials to extend Medicaid for new moms, even though the federal government would foot the lion's share of the bill. A DHS spokesman said other options are available.
IT Arkansas job board

UAMS performs state's first pancreas-kidney transplant

Doctors at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences work in the only hospital in the state performing adult liver and kidney transplants, and they can now add kidney-pancreas transplants to that list.

Milk bank depots are popping up all over Arkansas, benefiting infants and parents alike

Once the breast milk passes through screening, pasteurization and nutritional analysis, it is distributed to hospitals across Arkansas to benefit infants in neonatal intensive care units.

UAMS abortion guidelines shaped by hospital's fear of political retribution, former CEO says

Former UAMS chief Steppe Mette told The Washington Post that hospital leaders issued conservative guidance on emergency abortions because they “were perennially afraid of funding cuts."

Arkansas lawmakers sputter through tedious inquiry into diversity, equity and inclusion on campus

Dan Sullivan and other neurotic Republicans go hunting for troublesome tidbits of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Arkansas legislators probe universities' diversity, equity and inclusion practices

Arkansas lawmakers are discussing the results of an inquiry into DEI practices at higher education institutions requested by state Sen. Dan Sullivan.

UAMS chancellor defends recent lawsuits, says employees would go unpaid without funds

Chancellor Cam Patterson told employees through email this week that UAMS needs the funds from the lawsuits to continue normal procedures, including paying its workers.

$1 million federal grant to fund statewide naloxone training program from UAMS

Good news — to the tune of $1 million — for advocates of harm reduction in the battle to fight opioid overdoses.

UAMS sued thousands over pandemic medical bills, CNN reports

Both patients and employees alike have been sued by UAMS for unpaid medical bills during the COVID-19 pandemic. A CNN investigation found individuals have filed for bankruptcy or taken on second jobs to pay for the bills. UAMS chancellor Cam Patterson defended the lawsuits.

LR directors voice concerns about UAMS development pitch

Directors expressed concerns about an eastward UAMS move. Meanwhile, Director Lance Hines took shots at Mayor Frank Scott Jr. about his financial leadership.

UAMS confirms layoffs

Fifty-one people have lost their jobs at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, a spokesperson for the teaching hospital confirmed Wednesday.

UAMS expands cancer treatment options with new Radiation Oncology Center

The $65 million, 58,000-square-foot building will house a mix of new equipment offering the latest therapies.