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Vivian Flowers wins Democratic primary runoff in Pine Bluff mayor race

State Rep. Vivian Flowers has represented her hometown at the Arkansas Capitol for years. Now, she's the likely next mayor of Pine Bluff. She faces a libertarian challenger in November.
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Stepping away, not down: Vivian Flowers leaves the Capitol to run for Pine Bluff mayor

The incumbent representative for House District 65, which covers part of Jefferson and Arkansas counties, is looking to effect change at the local level.

The Arkansas Senate shoots down a bill to restore gun rights for people with nonviolent felony convictions

The rare gun bill by a Democratic sponsor would have established a path to restored 2A rights under specific circumstances.

Arkansas LEARNS school privatization bill passes House with ease

Representatives from both political sides argued why legislators should reconsider passing Gov. Sarah Sanders' bold education bill Thursday afternoon. Those in opposition ultimately came up short and the House passed the LEARNS bill with ease. Rep. Jim Wooten gave perhaps the most passionate speech of the day and warned legislators that the bill would come back to haunt them.

House Education Committee passes privatization bill up the chain for its final vote

Members of the House Education Committee took turns thanking and congratulating each other at a special Wednesday meeting, where they passed the Arkansas LEARNS bill even as they noted its shortcomings.

Hundreds come to the Capitol, pack into House hearing on Arkansas LEARNS

On Tuesday morning, legislators poured out questions about how vouchers for any student who wants one and teacher raises across the board will get paid for without pulling money from small schools already on tight budgets. 

Legislative Black Caucus nonplussed by white senator's attempt to end affirmative action

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Jonesboro) was defiant in response to lawmakers’ personal stories about how affirmative-action programs had made a difference in their lives. Sullivan asked the Black Caucus why, if ending discrimination was so important to them, they had not already filed a similar bill.

Lawmakers hear first big education bill of the session (it's about policing trans kids in bathrooms)

A late amendment to a bill that would dictate where transgender public school students can use the bathroom delayed a vote Thursday. But lawmakers heard public testimony and asked questions about the legality and logistics. A committee vote is expected Tuesday.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge signs certification prohibiting abortion in Arkansas

"We were prepared in 2019 for this court's opinion," Rutledge said. "It's almost as if we had a crystal ball."

Another conviction in neighborhood confrontation with two Black politicians

A second conviction in which Black politicians were told to leave a Little Rock neighborhood.

Week in review: summer bummer edition

A Capitol View Karen goes down, while cases of COVID-19 go up. Max and Austin talk voter suppression, critical race theory and the best foods to get you caftan-ready.

Woman convicted for harassment of state representative; 'justice was done,' Rep. Flowers says

A 2020 harassment complaint produced a conviction this week in district court.