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Trash the vote: Why Arkansas rejects more of its mail-in ballots than almost any other state

Arkansas chucks out more of its absentee ballots than most other states, disenfranchising members of the military, students away at school, people unable to reach the polls for medical reasons and many others.
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Did Arkansas’s new voting restrictions affect turnout?

Voting rights advocates make a clear and easy to understandable case that laws like those adopted in Arkansas will reduce voter turnout. After all, these laws create an additional obstacle to voting, making it more difficult, and increasing the costs. But the question remains, do these laws actually have this effect?

Tuesday is the last day to register for Nov. 8 election, plus other tidbits you should know

Solid tips on getting your ballot cast and counted.

Arkansas: A leader in vote suppression and yearning to do more

It's not easy to vote in Arkansas. That, of course, is by design.

A voting reminder from the ACLU to make sure yours counts

With all the vote suppression measures afoot, the ACLU issues a reminder that it's not enough to go to a polling place. You need to take steps to be sure your vote is allowed and is counted.

Voter ID law before the Arkansas Supreme Court

The Arkansas Supreme Court heard oral arguments today on the state's appeal of a ruling invalidating the voter ID law passed in 2017.

The LR mayor candidates on the big ballot issues

Some big elections face voters this year, including the hot race for Little Rock mayor and, depending on court actions, as many as five very big statewide ballot issues. I decided to sample the five mayoral candidates on the ballot issues. In the end, the big three candidates — Frank Scott Jr., Warwick Sabin and Baker Kurrus — were more alike than different.

The ballot issue open line and a challenge to candidates for Little Rock mayor

Here's the open line, but let's talk ballot issues. At the moment five statewide questions face voters and each one has enormous importance. Perhaps most important for the nation is one getting the least attention and the most dangerous — Issue Two, the legislatively referred amendment to require a photo ID to vote.

As expected, a Voter ID bill is back in the legislative hopper

State Rep. Mark Lowery of Maumelle has filed a proposed constitutional amendment to require a photo ID to vote in Arkansas.

U.S. appeals court strikes down Texas voter ID law

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down Texas' voter ID law because it discriminated against minority voters. Of course it did. That was the idea.

UPDATE: Mark Martin avoids specific response to ACLU voting complaint

Secretary of State Mark Martin has responded to a complaint from the ACLU about an erroneous instruction his office has included in the state voter registration system that improperly can make it harder for some people to vote. The response is of the non-response variety.

Ballot counting: Pulaski and Garland counties will obey law even if Mark Martin won't

No ballots in Pulaski County won't be counted because voters were subjected to an improper ID rule by the secretary of state's office. Close races here and in Garland County, where provisional ballots also were cast, make it important that no voter be improperly denied the vote.