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Arkansas Supreme Court greenlights four laws that make voting harder

"While the right to vote has been held to be fundamental, the right to vote in a particular manner is not guaranteed," the state Supreme Court said Thursday.
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Get Loud Arkansas sees success in new voter registration strategy

Voting in a primary election might not sound as exciting as selecting the next president, but participating in local elections is still important. Get Loud Arkansas ensures voters are prepped and ready to go for the big day.

Update: 8th Circuit declines to rehear landmark Voting Rights Act case from Arkansas

Three judges on the appellate court dissented, calling the panel's ruling "ambitious and unprecedented."

Arkansas plaintiffs ask 8th Circuit to rehear voting rights case with national consequences

Plaintiffs are asking the full 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a decision that advocates say dramatically undermines the Voting Rights Act.

Supreme Court ruling on Alabama gerrymandering bodes well for Arkansas voters

The fight in Alabama resembles a skirmish in Arkansas, where a Republican legislative supermajority drew sweetheart congressional district lines all but guaranteed to waltz U.S. Rep. French Hill right back into office.

Under attack today at the Arkansas Capitol: Your voting rights

Legislators are turning their attention to your voting rights. Specifically, many of them seem keen on making voting as unpleasant and inconvenient as possible, likely in hopes that you just won't do it.

Tuesday is the last day to register for Nov. 8 election, plus other tidbits you should know

Solid tips on getting your ballot cast and counted.

Voting rights advocates help Arkansans escape the purge

Has your name been erased from the voter rolls? Go check! Here's a link that makes it easy.

Judge Griffen strikes down four new Arkansas voting laws as unconstitutional

The judge said laws were based on speculation and conjecture and burdened the constitutional right to vote.

Arkansas's new House maps shut Black voters out, experts testify in redistricting hearing

The NAACP and the Public Policy Panel are fighting in federal court to kill new legislative maps that would almost certainly keep Black Arkansans underrepresented at the Capitol.

Arkansas Republicans oppose greater voting access

Of course they do.

The Supreme Court's outrageous decision on abortion bodes ill for democracy in general. Arkansas is next.

Abortion and democracy are hangibg by a thread thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court packed with right-wing ideologues.