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Education amendment group For AR Kids racks up another rejection from the AG

This was the third try from a group attempting to require private schools accepting public funding in the form of vouchers to meet the same academic standards public schools must meet, among other changes.
IT Arkansas job board

For AR Kids regroups, tries again on Educational Rights Amendment

While the wording has changed a bit per recommendations from the AG's office, the proposed Arkansas Educational Rights Amendment of 2024 would still do the same things.

Propaganda aside, school choice still seems pretty unpopular

Light turnout for a school choice event in Little Rock Saturday, even as proponents for school vouchers push their agenda here and across the country.

If Sanders knows how much school vouchers will cost taxpayers, she's not telling

The Arkansas LEARNS Act is already passed and we're on the hook to pay for it, but nobody seems to want to tell us what the final bill will come out to.

Citing 1A concerns, AG's office rejects ballot initiative to guarantee education equity

The "Educational Rights Amendment of 2024" would require private schools that accept public funding in the form of vouchers to meet the same standards public schools must meet. That might violate freedom of religion rights, AG Tim Griffin said.

Dedicated defenders of FOI, reproductive rights, public education keep aiming for the ballot

A trifecta of do-gooder ballot proposals are still stalled at the Arkansas attorney general's office.

NPR spotlights LEARNS and legacy of segregation in Arkansas

NPR was in Little Rock to highlight the past, present and future of education in Arkansas, including LEARNS and the state's legacy of school segregation.

For Arkansas charter schools, the grades are in — and they’re nothing special

Poverty is the strongest indicator of student achievement. Charter schools didn't change that, and vouchers won't, either.

What school voucher proponents say about you behind your backs: A real-life example

The insulting suggestion that public school students have little chance of academic success and should probably throw their hopes and dreams into the trash is most definitely not the feel-good story we were looking for this holiday season.

Christian private school promoted by state education department does not allow LGBT students

"Students will NOT be permitted to attend CCA who professes any sort of sexually immoral lifestyle or an openly sinful lifestyle including ... promiscuity, homosexuality, transgenderism, etc," a student handbook says.

Exxon comes to town: The Arkansas Times’ Week in Review podcast, Nov. 19, 2023

This week on the Arkansas Times podcast: lithium extraction, tornado recovery and more alarming financial news from the LRSD.

Voucher-mad Arkansas Department of Education uses public platform to promote private Christian school

It is shocking for a state agency to use public resources to promote private religious schools, but here we are.