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Stephens family among new majority owners of Berner's dispensary

Warren Stephens and his family are part of a group that will hold majority ownership of Berner's by Good Day Farm dispensary in Little Rock.
IT Arkansas job board

Know your Arkansas nepo babies

The beneficiaries of almost unfathomable generational wealth run everything everywhere. That’s capitalism. But Arkansas is a small, poor state, so the lucky inheritors of fortunes here have an especially outsized impact — and have for several generations. Here’s a rundown of some of the most prominent powerful people benefiting from family money or fame in Arkansas. Or, to embrace a buzzword, here are our nepo babies (short for nepotism) and what they’ve done for you lately.

UA System trustee Kelly Eichler's husband works for Stephens Inc. It stands to make millions from a Phoenix buyout.

University of Arkansas System trustee Kelly Eichler was among the trustees who suggested Wednesday that she supports an affiliate's acquisition of the University of Phoenix, one of the nation's largest for-profit and online colleges.

AMFA will name gallery for Rockefeller

Warren and Harriet Stephens told the Democrat-Gazette yesterday that the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, despite fears to the contrary, would include a gallery named for Jeannette Edris Rockefeller.

Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts loses $500,000 bequest

The Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, which is closing in on its capital campaign's $155 million goal for the new building to open April 22, 2023, has lost a half-million-dollar donation from a member of the Rockefeller family. 

Little Rock baron Warren Stephens pumps millions into Senate Republican PAC

If Stephens can spend $2 million on Republican Senate candidates, is it too much to ask of the city of Little Rock to have him pay for his own parking lot?

Opening exhibitions at Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts to include work by Anne Lindberg, Natasha Bowdoin, Chakaia Booker, Sun Xun

In addition to works from the permanent collection by Diego Rivera, Georgia O'Keefe, Elaine de Kooning, modernist John Marin, impressionist painter Paul Signac, as well as loans from artists Elias Sime, Ryan RedCorn, LaToya Hobbs, and Oliver Lee Jackson.

Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts puts a sculpture and public accountability on scrap heap. Questions remain

The Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts hasn't begun to answer all the questions about the decision to turn an iconic sculpture into scrap iron,

Who calls the shots in Little Rock? Here's another clue. Follow the big money.

Another case of Stephens Inc., getting richer with taxpayer help.

UPDATE: The mystery of the missing Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts sculpture

And a stunning lack of transparency from the tax-payer subsidized institution.

More questions about that downtown parking deck deal. And speaking of LR's preference for cars over people, a word about the coming Chick-fil-A traffic downtown

Questions remain to be answered about the city's plan to pay double the appraised price to build yet another parking facility downtown.

Neighborhood group urges Little Rock to devote spare cash to Terry Mansion

A neighborhood group says Little Rock has sufficient reserve funds to repair the historic Terry Mansion, which is the city's responsibility.