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New corrections secretary to earn $43,000 less than prior Sanders appointee

Adjusted for inflation, Wallace will earn less than any of the three previous corrections secretaries.
IT Arkansas job board

Hutchinson names Solomon Graves new Corrections director

New prison boss has been chief of staff.

Wendy Kelley retiring as state prison boss

Wendy Kelley is stepping down.

KATV talks to prison chief as drug deaths continue

KATV's Jason Pederson reported last night on the continuing incidence of drug deaths in Arkansas prison units -- five more linked to the synthetic drug K2 -- and got a rare interview with prison director Wendy Kelley.

A photo project on prison farm life in Arkansas and Texas. Those were the days.

Mother Jones this week revisited Bruce Jackson's 16-year project to photograph prison work farms in Texas and Arkansas, which eventually produced a book, recounted to coincide with a new book on private prisons and prison labor.

Correction Department closes two small prison facilities due to staff vacancies

The Arkansas Department of Correction today announced the closure of two units of its smaller units because of staffing concerns.


Arkansas Times Senior Editor Max Brantley, who hired The Observer as a pup a few eons back, recently took to the Arkansas Blog to mark his two score and five years so far in the newspaper business. It tickled many of our own heartstrings about Little Rock, this profession, and what it all means in 2018 A.D.

ADC can't retain guards

More than a third of new hires in 2017 left before the year was up. The culture is the problem, former guards say.

Lawyers challenge role of prison director in determining competency of Jack Greene

In Arkansas, the same person in charge of carrying out executions decides whether an inmate is evaluated for competency. Lawyers say this is unconstitutional and asking for a comeptency hearing for death row inmate Jack Gordon Greene.

$3.5 million approved by Board of Corrections to upgrade recreational pens blamed in breakouts; $2.5 million for overtime

The Board of Corrections approved $3.5 million of security upgrades to Arkansas's prisons. These include the 400 bed expansion of isolation cells and other measures Senator Joyce Elliott has worried is "just more punishment."

Prison officials announce tighter security, more isolation cells to curb violence

After multiple incidents, prison officials have announced immediate action to curb violence. They include tighter security and more isolation for inmates.

K2 in prison: widely available, difficult to detect and potentially deadly

The use of 'synthetic marijuana' is soaring in the Arkansas Department of Correction.