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Whirlpool sued over groundwater pollution near Fort Smith plant

Fort Smith residents have filed a lawsuit over chemical contamination of the groundwater in the neighborhood of Whirlpool's now-closed refrigerator factory in Fort Smith.
IT Arkansas job board

Whirlpool withdrawal in Fort Smith: Careers shattered

The Whirlpool plant was the cornerstone of the Fort Smith economy, once employing thousands. In June, that all swirled away.

Whirlpool plant in Fort Smith sold

40/29 reports the sale of Whirlpool's closed refrigerator factory in Fort Smith to Infinity Assets Solutions.

Whirlpool to close Fort Smith plant June 29

The City Wire reports the official closing date of Whirlpool's plant in Fort Smith will be June 29.

Fort Smith copes with Whirlpool closure

Good article in Wall Street Journal about Fort Smith's reaction to Whirlpool's plan to close its refrigerator factory, which will put the 1,000 remaining employees out of work.

Panned: Ft. Smith paper's coverage of Whirlpool

Columbia Journalism Review, in its The Audit feature on business journalism, gives a stinging review of the Fort Smith Times-Record coverage of the news last week that Whirlpool would be closing its refrigerator factory in Fort Smith, putting 1,000 people out of work.

Whirlpool's end in Fort Smith?

Whirlpool, which once employed as many as 4,600 in Fort Smith (now about 1,100), may be heading to zero as it evaluates continued production of side-by-side refrigerators.

Deeper cuts at Whirlpool

Deeper cuts expected at Whirlpool

Whirlpool layoffs in Ft. Smith

Citing low demand for major appliances, Whirlpool in Ft. Smith announced today that they'll be laying off or offering early retirement to 20 to 25 salaried workers there by the end of the year.