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Ken Starr sets Capitol visit. Protest anyone?

Well isn't this special? Former Whitewater Special Persecutor Kenneth Starr will make an appearance at the Arkansas Capitol at noon Thursday and if you're allowed to attend you can snag a $15 copy of his book, "Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation."
IT Arkansas job board

Mueller media madness recalls another special prosecutor

Robert Mueller v. Kenneth Starr. One has credibility.

An open line and memories of Kenneth Starr

Here's the open line. And, for old times sake, a New York Times story Friday on the release of a long-secret report on leaking done by Kenneth Starr's, Whitewater prosecution team in the bad old days. Robert Mueller looks very good by comparison

Trump picks former Whitewater prosecutor for Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh, who has a Little Rock history, is Donald Trump's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Russian election hacking's Whitewater nexus

Trump opertive tied to Russian hacking has — guess what? — a tie to the old Whitewater scandals.

The ghost of Jeff Gerth: There goes the New York Times again

The New York Times reinvigorates the stench of its Whitewater witch hunt with new reporting on a conservative group's effort to cook up a story out of Hillary Clinton e-mail.

Just deserts for Kenneth Starr

Michael Tomasky, writing in the Daily Beast, says sharply what many here feel: The reported firing of Baylor University President Kenneth Starr for poor response to sexual assault by football players would be ironic justice.

Kenneth Starr: A comment from Betsey Wright

Betsey Wright, former President Bill Clinton's chief of staff when he was Arkansas governor, responds bitterly to a New York Times article today quoting Whitewater Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's warm words about Clinton. She can't forget the lives Starr ruined in Arkansas.

Ken Starr faulted for handling of sexual assault cases at Baylor

Dallas Morning News reports that Kenneth Starr, the former Whitewater persecutor who's now president of Baylor University, is under fire for ducking interviews and otherwise reacting inadequately to eight sexual assault allegations involving  Baylor football players.

Annals of Whitewater: Larry Nichols endorses Hillary

Whitewater alert: Larry Nichols endorses Hillary Clinton for president. Mother Jones mines some comedy gold in looking for overlooked opposition research in Arkansas on the 2016 presidential candidate.

Benghazi, the new Whitewater

Ernie Dumas this week compares the fulminations about Benghazi, which Republicans are attempting to make an impeachment-worthy scandal of minute differences in post-attack talking points, with the cooked-up Whitewater investigations.

Kenneth Starr and me

So I'm in San Francisco. On an elevator, alone, riding down to the lobby of the St. Francis Hotel.