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I want my two dollars !!!

In the movie, "Better Off Dead," with John Cusack, there is this sub-plot of the local newspaper delivery boy stalking Cusack to get his $2.  Some people will go to great lengths to get their $2 in real life as well.
IT Arkansas job board

Publishing to Perish ?

In an interesting twist, the Arkansas Supreme Court today amended Ark. Sup. Ct. Rule 5-2 and will now allow all cases to be cited, doing away with the distinction between published and unpublished opinions.

Death Penalty Reform

The death penalty makes me nervous. It makes me nervous because there is always a chance the wrong person is being executed.

Sometimes I'm not a good liberal

I was reading about the "Arkansas Cradle to Prison Pipeline Summit," which will be held April 30.

Sue Your Parents For Fun And Profit

Here is an interesting case - Henry Mills v. Henry Mills.  The younger Mr. Mills sued his father for the child support he never paid while he was still a child.

Why you shouldn't be sarcastic in legal pleadings

I have written hundreds of appeals and I always try to avoid "flying off the handle" or being excessively flowery.

Lawyers Acting Badly

A Jonesboro attorney was fined $2,500 and suspended for 3 months for trying to coerce a client to have sex with him.   I thought people normally went to jail for that....

Harvey Milk, Dan White, and the "Twinkie Defense"

The day before the Academy Awards, I was fortunate enough to see "Milk" with my intreped companion.

The Civil Rights Movement In the Obama Era

While I'm not one of those to say that because we now have a black president - there is no need for a civil rights movement - I do agree that the civil rights movement has lost its way.

White Men's Club?

I think Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's choice to replace Barack Obama as Illinois senator is a fine man. It's not his fault that Gov. Blagojevich allegedly tried to sell the senate seat to the highest bidder.

This is why they lost and will keep losing

After eight years of the disasterous economic policies of George Bush - we have a great gift - new leadership, new ideas, and no national elections for some times.

Looking for a job in the Obama administration?

Good luck.  It looks like they need about 3,300 people.  Unfortunately, 300,000 have applied. Of course, someone has to get hired right?

A Good Way To Lose Your Law License

Invoke your 5th amendment rights at  your disciplinary hearing.  The 5th amendment does not act like some type of legal "force field."

No more lawsuits for you !

The U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a federal judge's ruling that bars a  disabled man from filing any discrimination lawsuits.   Of course, he did get away with filing 400 before he was stopped.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, "Me thinks he doth protest too much."

Adoption Information Meeting: Nov 17

I'm on the C.A.L.L.'s mailing list, and they sent this out today: If you voted FOR Act 1 on Nov 4th, be sure to put some action behind that conviction.

What the Ark. Sup. Ct. says about shacking up

The Arkansas Supreme Court decided, 7-0, that there was no rational basis to prevent gay people from being foster parents or adopting through DHS.

National Adoption Day

November the 15th is National Adoption day, a collective national effort to raise awareness of the 129,000 children in foster care waiting to find permanent, loving families.

What is next for Obama's aunt ?

Days before the election, a small story broke that Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, was in the U.S. illegally.

Which news source best predicts the political future?

Apparently, the award for most accurate political forecast goes to: The Onion. Days before the January 2001 inauguration of President Bush, the Onion ran a story headlined: "Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity Is Finally Over.'

What, politicians actually keep their promises ?

According to an academic study, politicians actually keep their promises for the most part. Of course, it is the goal of some politicians make their promises as vague as possible.