Apparently the people have spoken and the jail tax was defeated. If I have my history correct, that is the third defeated proposal to increase jail funding in a row. I suppose it doesn’t help when the only daily statewide paper is so strongly opposed to such a tax, but I think it would have failed even if they AD-G had been in favor of the jail expansion. I think the voters were not so upset about the cost of the proposed tax, but instead they were more upset at the way the tax was presented. To be candid – obviously I was in support of the tax – but at the same time I wasn’t impressed by several aspects of the tax supporters campaign.
    For example – why was it made a special election?  When I voted I literally had to vote by two methods, one by paper ballot and one by electronic vote so I could vote on both the tax and the local millage and school board. ( And yes, I voted for the millage despite the fact that I have no children who attend public schools)  Why not wait until the general election and consolidate voting at that time?
    Next I understand the point of view of those who say the entire jail “crisis” has been fabricated. If we so desperately need more money for jail space why was there a 4% raise for county employees this year? I don’t recall state workers getting that much of a raise. Of course, we are spending 9 million dollars to build a bridge that cannot carry cars or non-human cargo. I don’t recall voting on that either. I’m actually for the bridge, I’m just saying i understand those that say the county is not being a good steward of our tax dollars, even if the perception is incorrect. Maybe next election – the pro-tax forces should look beyond CJRW and find a more effective PR outfit.



The Hoglwyer