I never give money to homeless people. I always thought that giving money discourages work, is probably used to buy drugs and alcohol, and most of the traditional other reasons people justify not giving money to beggars. For some reason yesterday, I saw a guy on the side of the road at my highway ramp and I grabbed a handful of change and gave it to hom. The second he reached out to accept my spare coins I could tell – he was no faker. He was probably blind in one eye and his other eye had those red marks consitent with being in a fight or severely injured. jAlthough he wasn’t skinny he had a ghost like prsence to him – as if hes body was alive but there awasnt much else going on insidee him. He didn’t say thank you or anything, not that I cared. I have no idea of his history, but I hhave no doubt that he iwas inable to keep a normal job. This much is sure, he needed the money.
    after work, a friend said she had a extra ticket to the Governor’s Gala. To be fair, she said she thought she could get a ticket and we made a contingency plan in case the ticket could not be prcured. We went to the statehouse convention center – it was black tie optional and at my option I didn’t wear my tux, because that would mean finding all those little buttons – a difficutl task. Once we got there, we couldnt find out ticket connection. I found myself having to beg for a ticket. Karma must be on my sdie because in a matter of minutes, I was was given a ticket and o longer had to beg. I should have brought a little cardboard sign but that might have seemed desparate.

I think they said 3,500 tickets were sold and the room was packed. Great food, two bands, and the cash bar was veyr popular. Of course all the major candidates were there and the regular crew of democratic staff, supporters and more affluensual contriubotrs. There were a surprising number of republicans there too but Beebee is everyone’s governor now so why not come to pay respect- it never hurts. Everyone was dresse3d “to the 9’s” as they might say. Everyone, except me, but my black suit woreekd fine. I would have taken more hotos but it was too dark to get many good shots. I’m so used to having to hear campaign speaches when I se that many politicians, it was refrshing that it realy was just a big party. After five or so budweirders, my dfrind wisely decided i needed to leave before I made too much of a lasting impression on people. I don’t think she understands that the momore I drink, the funnier I get – and the better looking I am. Anyway, it was winding down by 11:30 anyway. and I have seen at elsat 20 people I know and after ten chocolate covred strawberries I was full anyway. I think a good time was had by al.


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