This is old news but during the Scooter Libby trial it became pretty obvious that Richard Armitage was the “original leaker” as to telling the press that Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie, was a CIA covert operative. Of course, after that, Libby repeated the statement to 9 or so other reporters.

After receiving an immunity agreement, Fleischer testified that he had revealed Plame’s identity to reporters after learning it from Libby.

Of course, it was fairly obvious from the trial that it was all a grand plan by Karl Rove to undermine Wilson, in retaliation for writing a op-ed piece concerning lack of evidence of Iraq’s efforts at obtaining weapons.

Now, many “tough on crime” republicans are going soft. They are screaming that convicted felon Libby should be pardoned. He hasn’t even been sentenced yet.


Another irony of all of this is this — we still mean whining about Clinton giving a pardon to Marc Rich, a fugitive who stole millions. Guess who his lawyer was — some liberal?  No,  Rich’s lawyer, who I assume had something to do with getting the pardon for his client was—Scooter Libby.

Bush and his cronies like to talk tough – but then wilt when it becomes obvious the real corruption is coming from inside the White House. Do you think Armitage, Cheney, or Rove will be held accountable for their sleazy spin job they did on Wilson and his wife?  Not by Bush – but I hope the Wilso’s win millions in their civil suit. Of course many Republicans view this is “not big deal” and of course will bring up sins from the Clinton years, and probably Carter and Johnson as well. Apparently, if a Democrat ever does something wrong – ( which they have and will again I’m sure) then that makes it ok for any Republican to do worse. These are the same types that didn’t think Watergate was a big deal either. Its all about arrogance, hubris and power – but sometimes, as Scooter Libby has found out, it doesn’t mean you can always get away with it.

In the extended entry is an article about what tough-talkin Bush was going to do about anyone he found out was leaking secrets.