Random Thoughts Of The Week
Tim Griffen’s days as a US prosecutor are numbered because he is a political coward.
If the last three months are any indicaiton of the next three years, Beebee is going to make us proud of our governor once again.
Huckabee is going to prove how long a 3rd rate presidential bid can run on hot air alone. I think he is really running for VP or a cabinet position.
The race for the presidential democratic nominee has barely starated and no one will remember any of this 3 months from now.
The Arkansas legislature is the most moderate we have had in ……forever.
The legislators’ hairstyles have not improved any.
I’m tired about reading how people are against “nailing kittens to trees.” Nobody is for that, except maybe dogs.
Apostrophe’s do matter.
Valerie Plame is hot.
If you lie to a US senator, you might not be attorney general too much longer.
When the leading republican presidential contender is pro-gun control, pro=gay rights, and openly had an affair — you know something has fundamentally changed.