I love that expression “she put me on chidl support” what I normally hear is “I don’t want to put him on child support.” Meaning, as part of my job i ask if parents are receiving child support and if not, why not. To try to keep from putting you to sleep, I’ll put it this way. If a parent recieves government benefits linked to having a child – there is a federal law that says they must get child support if thye know the daddy. This is beause if you get TEA ( what they calll welfare now ) you can’t get money for being poor and 100% of your child support. Since these dads are part of the reason the moms are poor, the goverment expects a chunck out of the dads as a was of epaying the US for prviding their kids with free medical inurace. So wy don’t the moms want the dads to get “put on chlid support.” Lets say mom gets $250 a months in TEA She can’t get that and child support, so when TEA finds dad — they make him pay for the benefits his daughter is recieving on teh bas is of having a single mom. See – the dads – who dont want to establish paternity or be anything but a lame wekend dad. But they scrape together some so the mom will get what she needs, booze, cigareettes whatever. If the mom tells the Office of Child Support Enforcement who the dad is – they ave to go after him for a chunk of his change. On the other had, mom might beetting some cash supplements here and there from the dad. Dad knows that he is better off throwing some $20’s after pay day than paying for 18 years.