This isn’t new news, but the Green Party has found more candidates to run in contested elections than the Arkansas Republican Party.  It takes lots of courage to run in any election – let alone against a popular incumbent. Republicans used to put up a sacrificial lamb to run. There was a clear trend that if you ran against a democrat – Huckabee would soon appoint you to some board or governmental agency post. For example, Betty Dickey ran for Attorney General. Then, she gets appointed Chief Judge of the Supreme  Court. Some lucky candidates, e.g. Bud Cummins, even got to be appointed U.S. Attorney, at least  until back-stabbed  by his own party. Now with no mechanism to get these appointments, few Republicans are willing to make the sacrifice.

I’m not familiar with all of the Green Party candidates – but I am willing to bet they are much closer tied to common voter in each race than some of their incumbent opponents.  I just hope they get as much media attention as did some of these past Republican candidates who were also long-shots but were at least given a chance to be heard.