UCA received the third most complaints of illegal music downloading from the Recording Industry Association of America recently. 27 students were sent letters offering to “settle” with the RIAA ( meaning fork over some substantial money) or they can go to court over the issue.


I hate these guys at the RIAA.  They have sued elementary kids in the past – they assume you are guilty based only on your computer use. They sued a 71 year old grandfather because his grandsons were using his computer. They pick on people on people who have little ability to defend themeselves. Of course last year, someone stood up to the RIAA after being sued and claimed she was not the one to download the music on her computer ( and said it was her daughter)   She lost big time and a jury levied a $222,000 damage award against her.  Ouch. I think someone out there needs to make a “RIAA lawsuit insurance fund” — because the odds you will be sued are so small — you could probably do it for just a few dollars a year if there was a large enough pool of subscribers. I’m not sure why he felt the need to comment – but a Bush spokesman jumped in and said they they thought the lawsuit was a good sign that the legal system was working against music pirates. I would bet money George Bush doesn’t even know what a .mp3 file is. Maybe Lu Hardin will use some of that $300,000 bonus from book sales to help these poor students out.