I voted on the 20th at the downtown early voting location across from the courthouse. I highly recommend it because on the 4th, if it’s anything like 4 years ago, there will be an hour or more wait.  You can find the early voting locations here.

Who did I vote for ?

Barack Obama. The best Democratic candidate we have had since Clinton.  He will fix the mess the Republicans have gotten us into, restore the respect the U.S. used to have in the world, and do great things.

Mark Pryor.  Even though he is probably the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, he represents Arkansas interests well.

Vic Snyder.  I can’t once remember disagreeing with anything he has ever voted for.


These are harder, because everyone running would make a fine judge. I hope the candidates who don’t win don’t get discouraged.

Little Rock Criminal Court

My former co-worker, Hugh Finklestein will be tough, but fair, and hopefully more patient than Judge Munson.

Little Rock Environmental Court

I think Gary Sullivan has a great temperment to preside over this court.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge, District 11 ( Juvenile Court)

I’m backing Cathy Compton.  I think with her long history of criminal defense work, she will be sympathetic to defendants, but at the same time she will know when the are full of it. I’m going to have to work in this court some,  and I am confident she will be efficient and fair.

Little Rock At-large Representative

I’m going with Glen Swartz on this one- we have too many establishment types in city government as it is.

Pulaski County Judge

I think our current county judge has been there too long. I actually voted for a Republican ( I usually find at least one I like )  Phil Wyrick sounds much more sympathetic lately to environmental issues and I think he will be better at getting the county budget back on track.

Amendments and Initiatives

CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT 1: This corrects some archaic language concerning who can vote. For example, it takes out language preventing “idiots” from voting. Vote YES.

CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT 2: It provides for annual sessions of the legislature, including a financial session in even-numbered years. I think the legislature gets all it needs done every other year. If passed, this will cost us more just to have the legislature in town more often.  Vote NO.


I voted for the lottery. It might not raise as much as Lt. Gov. Halter predicts, but with us being the only state in the area, we are just seeing good money go to support our neighbors.

 Initiated Act 1

This is the homophobes attempt to prevent foster kids from being raised by gay or lesbian parents. We should trust our judges to decide who can adopt from the state, and trust our state agencies to decide who is appropriate to be a foster parent — not the  (Anti-) Family Council. Vote No.

REFERRED QUESTION 1: It would provide state backing for $300 million in bonds for water and other projects. This isn’t a good time to issue bonds, when we aren’t sure about the markets.  Vote NO.