(From the Great American Lawyer Blog)
Ten Law Firm Names That Make You Scratch Your Head: Do Egos Continue To Drive Law Firm Naming Conventions.

Law firm names have always driven me crazy.  I’ve worked for firms where people fought to get their name on the letterhead.  I always thought the traditional naming convention of placing the partners’ last names in a long string of words was pretty idiotic.  Why would a company full of massive egos create the potential for yet another ego fight? 

I have never used my last name as a law firm name.  Here are ten law firm names which will certainly make you scratch your head: 

  1. Payne & Fears
  2. Low, Ball & Lynch
  3. Weiner & Cox
  4. Smart & Biggar
  5. Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman, Cook, Johnson, Lande & Wolf
  6. Ball & Weed
  7. Boring & Leach
  8. Bickers & Bickers
  9. Slaughter & Slaughter
  10. Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen