In the movie, “Better Off Dead,” with John Cusack, there is this sub-plot of the local newspaper delivery boy stalking Cusack to get his $2.  Some people will go to great lengths to get their $2 in real life as well. Demetrius Heard of Lonoke County believed that he was also owed $2. To get his money back, he threatened the victim with a toy gun. For his unusual collection method, he was charged and convicted of aggravated robbery. The Court of Appeals reversed and dismissed the conviction. This case was unusual because the victim admitted that he owed Heard the $2. The Court said you can’t be convicted of robbery for stealing your own money. Now, the Court didn’t approve of this collection method, but just stated it was not a robbery. It could have been an assault ( creating imminent apprehension of bodily harm) but Heard wasn’t charged with that – so is is a free man. I’m not sure if he gets his toy gun back or not.


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