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Republican Crooks

He will be forgotten in weeks, but the country's longest serving Republican senator, Ted Stevens, was convicted of filing fraudulent financial disclosure forms last week.
IT Arkansas job board

Words matter, even prepositions

Apparently, if you are "in" a building, it is impossible to shoot "at" the building.

Yes we can

I'm expecting Barack Obama to win on Tuesday, but it's not a sure thing by any means.

Ten Law Firm Names That Make You Scratch Your Head

(From the Great American Lawyer Blog) Ten Law Firm Names That Make You Scratch Your Head: Do Egos Continue To Drive Law Firm Naming Conventions.

Favorite Political Ad this Year

Some candidates run 100% negative ads.  Then others have  ads like this one: Happy days are here again !   I hope.

Who I Voted For

I voted on the 20th at the downtown early voting location across from the courthouse.

Ark. Sup. Ct. Issues Revised Rules For Criminal Cases

For any of you who do criminal appeals ( which I from time to time ) the Ark. Sup.

I love small town papers

There is nothing inherently interesting or novel about this story about a woman who wrote a hot check to Sears in Malvern.

Pulaski County District Judge Wayne Gruber helps with homeless outreach

In a sea of otherwise depressing news, here is a bright spot how Judge Gruber and others are trying to help the homeless population of Little Rock.

Did John McCain Invent The Blackberry?

It seems like one of his campaign aids thinks so........he is the miracle worker you know.

Ask the Hoglawyer: Can I sue my vet for malpractice if my dog dies because of their negligence?

Dear Hoglawyer: If my dog dies because of my veterinarian’s neglectful medical care, can I sue?

WM3 Request for New Trial Denied

I don't think I've ever posted anything about the so-called West Memphis 3 case. I recently read the book and it raised lots of questions that have no answers.

Best Story Subject Title: The World Hasn't Ended!

If you haven't noticed the Large Hadron Collider project. didin't cause the end of the world, as some kooks had feared.

Borat Not Guilty !

Maybe "not guilty" is the wrong term. Remember Borat- where Sasha Cohen pretended to be an eastern European reporter.

Obama Campaign To Open Headquarters Saturday

For anyone interested, Obama's HQ will open Sat. at 112 W.7th Str.

Convenience Stores' Trade Group Supports Lottery

The lottery amendment is interesting to me because it's supporters and detractors are not groups you would typcially find working together on certain issues.

College Republican Resigns Over Racist Remarks

I'll give them credit, the Republicans have been disciplined about avoiding racial slurs or even code words so far in the presidential race.

Arkansas Prison Libraries

The Associated Press has this nice write-up of Arkansas' prison librarian.

The Arkansas Supreme Court Weighs In On Voiding Marriages

Can a circuit court void a couple's marriage because the court thinks that it was contrary to a juvenile's best interest?

The Continuing Baggy Pants Crisis: 1st Arrest

In an effort to stop the nationwide epidemic of young people wearing "baggy pants" one Florida town has said enough is enough to this horrible fashion trend.