Labor Day is here and other than sitting here thinking about the dismal performance of the Razorbacks on Saturday (see Jim Harris’ Little Rocking Blog for some interesting commentary), I thought I’d provide you with my Top 20 movies to see before year’s end.  Many of these movies will be around come Oscar time, but some will not.  Nevertheless, if you’re one of those poeple who can’t tolerate seeing a bad movie, here are 20 not to miss.

In order of national release date (some may not come to AR until later):


1.  The Black Dahlia (9/15)

2. All The King’s Men (9/22)


3. The Last King of Scotland (9/27)

4.  The Departed (10/06)


5.  Little Children (10/06)

6.  Flags of Our Fathers (10/20)

7.  The Prestige (10/20)

8. Running with Scissors (10/20)


9.  Babel (10/27)

10. Volver (11/03)

11. Fur (11/03)

12. A Good Year (11/03)

13. Stranger than Fiction (11/03)

14. Bobby (11/17)

15. For Your Consideration (11/17)

16. The History Boys (11/22)

17. The Good German (12/08)


18. Dreamgirls (12/21)

19. The Good Shepherd (12/22)

20.  Notes on a Scandal (12/22)

Here are a few others to consider (some have already been released here in Little Rock): Little Miss Sunshine, The Science of Sleep, Infamous, Marie Antionette, Come Early Morning, Children of Men, The Queen, Hollywoodland.