Have you heard about Jesus Camp, the documentary the follows evangelican conservative children to religious summer camp?  I have heard a little bit about it, but have read more about in the past few days.  The film has won critical acclaim on the summer festival circuit, but has generated a storm of controversy this week.

Here’s an excerpt from the L.A. Times,


The film’s cherub-faced children cheer when asked if they’d be willing to give up their lives for Jesus, pray over a cardboard cutout of President Bush and sob as they plead for an end to abortion. One is home-schooled by a mother who teaches that “science doesn’t prove anything.”

At one point in the film, [Kid’s on Fire Bible Camp Founder Pastor Becky] Fischer shouts to the children, “This is war! Are you part of it or not?” She proudly compares her work to the indoctrination of young boys by extremist Muslims in Pakistan and elsewhere.


Note to liberals: the far right is starting early.  This movie sounds very interesting.  The Camp does not.