Emanuel Levy of emanuaellevy.com has this to say about Kate Winslet,

This season, Winslet shines (again) in Todd Field’s ambitious and haunting anatomy of American suburbia, “Little Children.” With some luck, and savvy marketing campaign from New Line, Winslet’s brilliant interpretation of a tough, demanding role, that occupies the story’s center, should bring her the fifth Oscar nomination and the third lead one.

Sasha Stone of Oscarwatch.com says of Little Children,

Little Children is unexpectedly funny, unsettling in a way that sets you off your rails for at least a day and more importantly, is one of the few films released so far that holds up a fairly truthful (inconvenient though the truth may be) mirror back at us: this is who we’ve become. This is what we’ve become.

Whether the Academy recognizes it or not, it is surely one of the best films of the year. It is certainly a better film that In the Bedroom was. How you respond to it will likely be a good indicator of where you are in your life – how much you can stand where you are and what you’d do to get out. Hat’s off to the brave ensemble cast and the very brave Todd Field who isn’t playing it safe the second time around.