It’s hard work running nuclear weapon’s tests and starving his people, but North Korean whacko dictactor Kim Jong-Il is also a movie buff.  According to the L.A. Times,

Reliable information is difficult to find when it comes to the secretive and eccentric dictator, but most experts agree on Kim’s credentials as a movie buff. In 1973, he wrote a book, “On the Art of the Cinema,” describing his theories of movies being the primary force in revolutionizing art and literature. In 1978, he had South Korean filmmaker Shin Sang-Ok and his actress wife Choe Eun-Hee kidnapped and brought to North Korea to help start the country’s film industry. It’s said he owns a collection of 20,000 videos and DVDs, a fact Kim denies. But when it comes to figuring out which movie is the so-called Great Leader’s favorite, the experts disagree. And so we present a survey of possible favorite flicks from the Roger Ebert of North Korea.

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