This should get “Armchair Critic” fired up.  It’s the top of Philip Martin’s “On Film” column today.  The column highlights the incident where Good Morning America film critic Joel Siegel walked out of Kevin Smith’s Clerks 2 in New York.  A war of the words ensued.  It seems that the war hasn’t stopped.  It’s worth a read – and Smith’s wit in responding to Siegel is great stuff.

But Martin touches on a more serious subject: walking out of movies.  It’s an interesting topic for me because 2006 marked the first year I’ve ever walked out of a movie.  It was M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water, which is an absolutely terrible and unbelievably stupid movie.  I recognize that it’s somewhat disrespectful, but I was there on my own dime and I gave it an hour of my time.  I think that makes us even.

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