Friday was a hectic day for me as I escaped to northwest Arkansas for a true Arkansas pleasure: a Razorback home football game in November.  The game lived up to my expectations, but it meant that I didn’t post much of the commentary in the Dem-Gaz on Friday. 

Lot’s happening in the world of new releases.  My friend Sam caught a Friday afternoon screening of Babel and he enjoyed it, I think.  Philip Martin caught up with Will Ferrell, and in addition to Babel, weighed in on Stranger than Fiction, This Film is Not Yet Rated and A Good Year.

I am back now, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to see anything today.  Maybe I’ll catch a 9:00 screening of Stranger than Fiction, which in addition to Farrell stars BSR IT girl Maggie Gyllenhaal.  I’ll see Babel tomorrow night and A Good Year sometime this week despite the bad reviews.  I still owe Flags of Our Fathers and The Prestige my time.