Here’s a lot more about the remarkable life of this director seen above on the set of Gosford Park, the film I watched with my moviegoing friend last night.

NPR has several interviews on Altman’s work with Bob Mondello, Elliot Gould and Garrison Keillor.

Patrick Goldstein of the LA Times writes this appreciation.


The essential Altman on DVD.

A.O. Scott of the NY Times appraises Altman’s career and writes,

. . . And then, a few months later, he released “A Prairie Home Companion,” a contemplation of last things that would be his last movie. It is tempting to declare it Mr. Altman’s valediction — especially now that his production company, Sandcastle 5 Productions, has said that he was suffering from cancer for the past 18 months. But if this movie was a last gathering of the troupe, after which the lights dim forever, and the audience disperses, it was also just another movie in a career like no other, and when it was over — in the ending I like to imagine — American cinema’s greatest gambler shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

Be sure to also check out the audio slide show with A.O. Scott on Altman’s work.

David Edelstein of NY Magazine has this tribute. 

Mark Singer of the New Yorker visits Altman on the set of A Prairie Home Companion; in 1975 Pauline Kael reviewed Nashville for the magazine.


Entertainment Weekly honors Altman with a slideshow of his ten best films.