Apologies for being MIA since Wednesday.  I’ve been in New Orleans for a quick getaway and just found the time to sneak into CC’s coffee with my laptop for some time on the web.  The French Quarter, for the most part, is back.  The weather before today was a sticky 75.  The cold front arrived late las night and I woke up to temps in the low 40’s.  I thought I might get lucky and catch a screening of Little Children down here, but it’s not showing.  The Nativity Story interests me none.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking and a lot of watching.  People on bicycles everywhere the last two days.  The Canal St. streetcar is up and running, but the St. Charles streetcar is still being repaired.  Two very mediocre (which is surprising) meals at La Petite Grocery and Bayona (Bayona being the bigger surprise).  On a good streak with wine (trying all new stuff on this trip), however, which is an adequate consolation.  Upperline is on the bill tonight, so I’m hoping for a turnaround.  Brad Pitt is in town film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (adapatation of the Fitzgerald story).  A cab driver took us by the location at Camp and St. Joseph.

Not much happening in the movie world.  Gothams and Indie Sprits were announced.  Be sure to read Philip Martin’s remembrance of Robert Altman in the Dem Gaz.  I reviewed Bobby and For Your Consideration this week in the Times. 

More later . . .