It was a leisurely Christmas Eve eve. I caught “The Proposition” (certain to make my Top 10 – one of the best westerns on a long, long time) and “David Chappelle’s Block Party” (a riot with some sick tunes).  Then I headed to Trio’s for dinner where the owner joined us and we debated movies (with tequila) for well over an hour.  My moviegoing friend was there, annoyed as all hell when I suggested that “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Come Early Morning” might! not make my Top 10.  The owner of Trio’s is a huge movie buff.  Drop by and chat with her – and eat some great food (they’re open New Year’s Eve).  The Pasta Botticelli was delicious.  Santa Margherita pinot grigio.  Chocolate mousse cake (always clutch). Coffee & Kahlua to top it all off.  It was an excellent way to spend the eve of the Eve.

Today, I’m taking in Round 2 of “The Queen.” My shopping is complete.  Miraculous.