In today’s Dem-Gaz.

1.  The Departed

2.  Babel

3. Volver

4. Come Early Morning

5. Half Nelson

6. The Queen

7. Casino Royale

8. The Proposition

9. Pan’s Labyrinth

10. Thank You for Smoking

The next 10 (in no particular order): “L’Enfant,” “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles,” “Hollywoodland,” “Catch a Fire,” “The Last King of Scotland,” “United 93/World Trade Center,” “Letters from Iwo Jima,” “Little Children,” “The Science of Sleep,” “Quinceanera.”

Honorable mentions: “Miss Potter,” “The History Boys,” “House of Sand,” “Marie Antionette,” “Brick,” “Borat,” “Talladega Nights,” “Stranger than Fiction,” “Factotum,” “Little Miss Sunshine,” “Inside Man,” “Bubble,” “Venus,” “Children of Men,” “The Illusionist,” “Hard Candy,” “Fateless,” “Blood Diamond,” “Sherrybaby,” “The Good Shepherd,” “Water,” “Sweet Land.”