Very enjoyable Christmas day.  Good food, nice gifts, great people.  Spent the afternoon with my grandfather and my great-grandmother.  Turns out my grandfather reads my reviews in the AR Times.  Who knew?  Didn’t see anything yesterday, but I have “Dreamgirls” on my radar for today if my schedule allows (I’m back to my day job).  I saw “We Are Marshall” on Christmas Eve.  Not good, but not bad either.  It’s an interesting story (I’ll pass along some background from someone else who saw it) with a good cast (it currently has a 46% Cream of the Crop rating on

It’s slow goings in the movie world.  The Writers Guild (Jan 11), Director’s Guild (Jan. 9), Screen Actor’s Guild (Jan. 4) and Producer’s Guild (Jan. 4) all weigh in with their nominations, which will get everyone buzzing again.

Did you see anything good over the long weekend?

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  Joy and Peace.